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                                                    BENJAMIN GOODSON 1846- 1915

Henry,s elder brother Benjamin Goodson was born 1846 at Seven Stars Yard, Brick lane, Spitalfields.
He like his brothers  went into the family business, and became a Carman.

1851 Census, Seven Stars Yard, Brick Lane, relation to head: Son.

1861 Census, Seven Stars Yard, Brick Lane, relation to head: Son, occupation: Carman.

On the 23 April 1867 he was convicted of stealing 2 bags of rice on the 15 march 1867,  and sentenced to 3 month imprisonment with hard labour.
In 1868 he married Elizabeth Burles, at Ongar, Essex.

1869 Benjamin Richard Goodson born.

1871 Census:  Benjamin and family living at 45  Heneage St. Relation: Head, occupation: Carman

1872 Elizabeth Martha Goodson born.

On the 5 May 1873, once again Benjamin appeared in court,  at the Surrey Quarter sessions, held at St Marys Newington, Southwark , charged with receiving stolen goods after a previous conviction, he was sentenced to 12 months with hard labour.

1875 Alice Goodson born.

1876 Alfred? named only on 1881 census, believed to be a cousin. 1911 census shows Elizabeth not to have had enough children to include Alfred

Benjamin again appeared in court 14 February 1876, and was acquitted of wounding. The record says was Acquitted on the grounds of insanity, and to be detained at her majesty's pleasure, Acquitted.

On the 21 February 1880 Benjamin appeared in court, charged with burglary, and was committed for trial,
This offence took place the 2 Feb 1880, and Benjamin was acquitted.



                         This article appeared in the Essex Standard, Saturday, 6 March 1880
                                                                  Offence: 2 March 1880


On the 26 August 1881 Benjamin's name appears in the  files of  Annie Cohen.  It looks like the answer to a request from Milbank's prison, for information on the character, and present where- abouts of Benjamin Goodson in relation to Annie Cohen.


                                                                      Annie Cohen

1880,  Edward Goodson, born and died the same year.

1881 Census shows Benjamin  living at 43 Heneage St, Relation: Head, occupation Carman. It gives his wife as Emily, born Ongar 1847, thought to be a mistake and is Elizabeth,

1881,  Emily Goodson, born and died the same year.

In 1883, 23 February,  once again Benjamin appeared in court, charged with breaking and entering. He was found guilty, and sentenced to 15 months imprisonment with hard labour

                                                          Saturday 10 march 1883.
                                                     ILLUSTRATED POLICE NEWS

1885 Lydia Goodson born

On 21 June 1886 Benjamin appeared in court charged with Larceny and Receiving, he was acquitted.

1 January 1885 , Benjamin's name appears in the files of Bridget Kelly. she was convicted of robbery in 1882.
The letter which is by Inspector Frederick Abbeline, is in answer to an enquiry by the governor of Woking Prison, as to the whereabouts of Benjamin Goodson. it also mention is Annie Cohen.

                                                                        Bridget Kelly

On the morning of  20 December 1888, Rose Myletts body was discovered in Clarks Yard, High St, Poplar.

2 January 1889
At the coroners court,  witnesses said that for about 3 months  Rose Mylett  had lodged at 18 George St, and seemed to be cohabiting with a man named Ben Goodson, but  he hadn't been seen with her in the last fortnight.    Ben Goodson was present in court. 
A full report is in the "Times" 3 January 1889.

On the 22 February 1907   Benjamin Goodson age 62 appeared before the court at Old Street Magistrates accused of receiving, he was acquitted.

The 1911 census shows Benjamin living at 1 Busby St, Bethnal Green, with Carrie Goodson ?

In 1915 he was living at 1 Hunton Court, Mile End, Middlesex.

Benjamin Goodson died 11 August, 1915, at Whitechapel Infirmary, Tower Hamlets London.
                                                      Whitechapel Infirmary 1913                                               

Benjamin's estranged wife Elizabeth Burles died 18 April 1913
Her probate states:   GOODSON Elizabeth of 72 Ritchings Avenue, Walthamstow, Essex, (wife of Benjamin Goodson) died on the 18 April 1913. Probate London, 17 May 1913 to Benjamin Richard Goodson Stereotypher. Effects £274 - 4s -7d.   

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